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The ND/BCB top ten is composed every month by the BCB ( Branche organisation for Christian Books and Music). There are 3 categories: fictie, non-fictie and youth. The Top 10 is published in the Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch Newspaper). The ND/BCB Top 10 is based on the sales of related bookstores that month. A quick way to see which books are popular. 

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Books top ten 

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‚I’ll never do that to you’ 

a book about the struggles and desperations after you are left behind. Petra’s husband chose to end his own life, leaving Petra and het little daughter behind.                          The silence was deafening, she had never felt so lonely..'

‚ I could not believe it would ever be possible, but I am happy again. 


About the author

Petra Ferwerda has her own centre for helping people cope with the loss of someone near, and helps them to find new meaning in life. She hopes this book can help people talk about the pain and reliefs the feeling of judgement. 

Author: Petra Ferwerda

release: April 2018
ISBN-13: 9789078893721
pages: 200


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